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General Information

Additional Imprints

All prices include a one color, one location imprint. If you require an imprint in an additional location (i.e. front cover plus back cover or inside pocket), the second imprint will be billed as per the chart below.


Please note : we typically limit additional imprint to a maximum of 2 additional locations (prints) to the one that is included in the price. If you need more additional imprints, please call for a quote.


To figure out which line of the chart to use, A or B, use the following as a guide:

  • If the item cost is between 0.01(A) and 0.99(A) use chart “A”.

  • If the cost is 1.00(A) and higher, use chart “B.”

(Note: If additional imprint area has a separate custom logo, the additional logo will be billed as a separate custom logo)

Additional Imprints

Cancellation of Orders

Please be aware that we work quickly once an order is received. If a die has been made, a proof has been sent out, or any part of the order has been printed, then you will be responsible for the charges of any part of the order that has already been completed.


We suggest that as soon as you believe you may need to cancel an order, please call us to check the status of your order. If necessary, we can pull your order from production to place on hold until you know whether you will want to proceed. If you decide you need to cancel the order, please send us an email or fax as all cancellation requests need to be received in writing.

Catalogs, Samples, Rebates

Digital catalogs (in pdf's and other formats) are available online at no charge (see the link on our homepage). Actual paper catalogs are available and are billed at $1.00(A) and samples are billed at catalog costs. Please note that we do bill for actual freight on catalogs and sample shipping. Rebate policy, if applicable to your sample will be noted on your invoice.


We will gladly provide quotes for special co-op programs where the anticipated volume and/or frequency is greater than a typical order. Each individual order submitted for a co-op must request at least the minimum catalog quantity. Purchase orders for each release must clearly state the Royal quote number/program number, which will be noted on your co-op quote.


To request a quote for a co-op program, please send an email to with the details of your program.

Copy Changes

If a single order has any copy changes there will be a charge of $20.00(A) per change.

Note: If there is more than one custom logo per order, additional logos will be billed per custom logo charge.

Copy Color

We have over 60 foil colors available for your hot-stamped imprint. Gold and Silver are the most popular and recommended colors. Please note that we are limited to the available industry foils and cannot match a PMS color via the hot stamping method. We will however try to match your color as close as possible from our large stock. To match an exact PMS color we recommend Silk Screening (see Silk Screening in section 8).

Custom Logos

When custom logos are required, please send complete digital black & white camera-ready artwork (vector art converted to curves) to size. Die costs are $84.00 (A) for standard sizes.


If you require additional typesetting to your supplied artwork, our art department will set up to five lines at a nominal cost of $10.00 (A). Poor quality artwork will be cleaned and billed at cost. We will contact you if these art charges exceed $30.00 (A).


Please note that custom logos are a one time charge and will not be billed again in the future on repeat orders as long as the imprint in the future is an exact repeat. Note that any change to the copy or logo on future orders will require a new custom logo charge. Please contact customer service with any questions.

Custom Projects

We will be happy to provide a written quote for all your custom projects. We request that you please call, fax or email your specifications and we will get back to you ASAP.  

Note: All custom projects are subject to over/underruns 

Distributor Self-Promotion

You, as a distributor, may order virtually any of our catalog items for use to advertise your distributorship to your customers and prospects. You may only use your company name, logo, and tagline. Your special price is EQP net less 10%; please keep in mind that a custom logo charge from your CRA will apply $84.00 (A)

Other charges may apply. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer, and some items are not eligible for PSAs.

Drop Shipments

(Individual units to multiple locations)
We will drop Ship to multiple locations for a charge of $20.00 ­(A) per location (qty to each location must be no less than half the lowest qty break in catalog). For multiple drop ships over 10 locations, the list must be in digital form as per chart below or the cost will be $30.00 (A) for each shipment
Please follow chart below. We can e-mail/send you a disc with the correct format. Below is an example of a list in MS Excel format. A printout of the disc must be provided as well.
• Either contact or company may be blank but not both.
• Address 2 may be blank.
• If the quantity per address varies, the “Quantity” field must be included.
• All Addresses must be submitted in a single spreadsheet or file. Spreadsheets MUST contain only one worksheet and must be complete.
• Supplied list must match the quantity of the purchase order.


Extra Large Calendar Imprints

Calendar items include a standard imprint of up to 1-1/2” high x 6-1/2" wide. Any imprint larger than standard will be billed.

Cancellation of Orders
Drop Shipment
Catalogs, Samples, Rebates
Extra large Calendar Imprints
Co-ops 2
Copy Changes 2
Copy color 2
Custom Logos 2
Custom Projects 2
Distributor Self Promotion 2
calendar imprint chart.png


We have the ability to do fulfillment of your orders. If you would like we can stock your pieces (against a master P.O.) and ship to your individual dealers as you request or as orders come in. Contact the factory for additional details.

Imprints (Imprint Size)

All pricing includes five lines of straight line copy, hot stamped in one location. Additional lines are billed at $5.00 (A). Stock logos and art count as one line. Please note imprint sizes listed throughout the catalog are for reference only. Our art department will set your copy to what we feel will be the best appearance. If you want your imprint to be a specific size, you must send in Camera Ready Artwork to size and note on your order that it must be to size. Please see below for die costs. We request that copy information be typed to avoid printing errors and costly reruns. We also request that you specify imprint location and color, or we will fill at our discretion.

Less Than Minimum

Orders for less than catalog minimum quantities are subject to an additional L.T.M. charge of $50.00(A). The minimum invoice for printed product is $60.00(A).

Logos: National and Stock

Royal maintains one of the largest collections of current national & stock dies which we make available to you at no additional cost. If you are unsure as to the availability of any logo please contact our art department. If your logo is not considered "stock", please see the above Custom Logos section.

Stock logos may be added at no charge but each stock logo will be counted as one (1) line of the included 5 lines of copy.

Here are some examples of Royal stock logos:

Logos, National and Stock
Imprint Size
Less Than Minimum
Liberty Mutual_edited.jpg
cent 21.jpg

Multi Color Prints

Be advised that should you want a multi color imprint we recommend silk screening and refer you to section 13. We note that in some instances we can hot stamp your multi color imprint however if the registration is tight it will need to be silk screened; If you would like to see if we can hot stamp your multi color imprint (costs will be per the additional imprint chart B as shown in section 10) we ask that you please email us a copy and note the color breakdown. 


Be advised that ROYAL can meet all of your special needs. If you need special colors, special imprint locations, or any special requests, please call our customer service department and we will try and meet your needs.

Overlays - Entrapments.

We do have the ability to do clear overlays so that you can insert your own printed items on top of the products. What this entails is a clear piece of vinyl sealed on three sides, sealed to the item that you are interested in. The minimums vary from item to item so please contact the factory for details. Likewise if you supply a printed piece to us we can entrap this onto the item so that it is sealed totally inside. Again, minimums vary from item to item so please contact the factory for details.

Overruns and Underruns

All orders for stock colors that are hot-stamped are typically shipped in exact quantities but are subject to 10% overs. 

All custom items and nonstock colors, as well as silk-screened orders, are subject to a  +/- 15% over/underruns and will be billed accordingly.

PMS Matches

PMS Color Matches is only available on silkscreen orders. Please note that all items in our catalog include a hot stamp imprint. When we hot stamp, we do have many foil colors available, however, due to the foil print process PMS color matching is not available. We can come close to your requested color but not guarantee a color match.

If exact color matching is wanted, we will need to silkscreen your order. Please note that we do not charge any ink making charges or special ink cost, however, you will need to pay for silkscreen finishing costs which are slightly more expensive and listed throughout the catalog. When the price is not listed, you may contact the factory for minimum quantities and extra costs. Also see our silkscreen section for more details.


Paper proofs will be emailed to you upon request and billed at $20.00(A). Actual imprinted item proofs are mailed to you and billed at $50.00(A).

Repeat Orders

Please include our invoice number from your last order and any other information (your past P.O., ship date and/or customer name) to assist in locating correct information. Please be advised that it is our policy to store two years of past orders. Any custom dies and artwork before that time (without a reorder) will be considered “new” and will be billed accordingly.

Returns and Restocking Fees

In as much as all items are custom made we unfortunately, do not accept returns for imprinted piece or unimprinted pieces (as unimprinted pieces are also custom made and are not printable after the fact).

The only items that may be returned are calendar refill type of items that can be re-used so long as the order is not in excessive quantity (i.e. Not a special run for you) and are still within a usable time frame (i.e. you ordered in Oct and want to return in Feb.) 

Any accepted return is subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Royal Express

When you see this logo throughout the catalog, please be advised that these items can be shipped within 5-7 working days. Orders must be credit approved and camera ready artwork must be supplied when appropriate. Only one color hot-stamp orders are eligible.

Rush Orders / Phone Orders

If you anticipate a rush order, please call us to see if we can meet your rush date before sending order. We will make every effort possible to ship your order when requested. Due to chance of errors we unfortunately do not accept orders over the phone. We do request that any orders be emailed, faxed or mailed into the factory.

Shipping & Routing

We reserve the right to make shipments from our plant via the best available route. We will endeavor to ship by the cheapest way available but will not be responsible for extra charges billed from the carrier. All claims must be made directly to the carrier.
We cannot be held responsible for delays in transit. Type Of Packaging - Bulk / F.O.B. Point - N.Y. State Factory. Orders must state shipping dates, not arrival dates. Note: we do charge a $6.60(a) packing and handling charge per box.

Silk Screening

Royal’s silk screening department can print your oversized, PMS color or multi-colored imprint. Screen costs are $120.00 (A) and up.

Please contact factory for price quotes and minimum quantity requirements on individual products. Silk screen orders are subject to an over-run/under-run of 15%.

Supplied Products

We have the ability to insert your own pads, pens, tags, tickets, etc. into our items. Due to the variety of items we have been asked to insert in the past an actual sample of any item you may want inserted does need to be sent to the factory for a quotation.


Net 30 days to open account customers. All others must submit pre-payment with order. All payments must be made in U.S. funds. 1% will accrue on past due balances. There is a $30 service charge for all returned checks. Production scheduling will not begin until all credit issues are settled.

Type Styles

Our Typesetting Department has over 30 styles available to you at no extra charge. Our most commonly used font is Helvetica regular, medium, italic, and bold for legibility, We also have a selection of serif, san-serif, scripts italic and specialty typestyles. Our typesetters will use their best judgment when setting your copy if not specified. Type style sheet faxed or emailed upon request.

*Please be advised that not all requested typestyles would be available or ideal for hot stamping due to fine details, drop shadows, thin elements, etc.

The following typestyle list is being provided to give you an idea of some of the common fonts we have available and may be used to fulfil your order.

Overlays - Entrapments
Overruns and Underruns
PMS Matches
Multi Color Prints
Repeat Orders
Returns and restocking fee's
Royal Express
Rush Orders / Phone Orders
Shipping and Routing
Silk Screening
Supplied Products
Type Styles
Unimprinted Items

Unimprinted Items

For pricing of items without imprint please use “next quantity” pricing. If you require quantities larger than “highest quantity”, please call factory for special pricing.

Union Label

Royal is a union manufacturing plant. Our union bug is available for any imprint upon request at no additional charge. We are a member of UFCW Local 312 



Union Label
Vinyl Colors and Grains

Vinyl Colors and Finishes

At Royal we have an extensive list of Vinyl color options for our items. Some items also have special grain/texture/finishes as a default or optional upgrade. Please get in touch for more details and availability. 


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